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Master Class: Trust Relationship between Media and Public Affairs

Our Master Aiden White imparted his knowledge and skills as Director of the Ethical Journalism Network into the discussion held by corporate members, NGO’s, and Trade Organizations. The benefits of open communication and the rebuilding of trust through sharing and, more importantly, the validation of facts with parties involved. Interactions on the individual level are quintessential to the relationship between…read more →

One Day Training Stakeholder Mapping and Messaging Identifying and capturing your perfect Public Affairs audience

We covered what it means to be a player in the EU and how best to prioritize and contact stakeholders in our member’s fields. We explored the power of messages, contacting the right person, the difference between Brussels and the rest of Europe, and others. Participants commented on the day giving ‘insight from each other on ways in which to…read more →

Unlikely Alliances: The Whys, Whens and Hows of Issue-Led Coalition Building

20th September – The ECPA Masterclass A Case Study based Masterclass led by Fritz Schroeder-Senker of Mars With Sir Graham Watson, MEP and President of the European Liberal Democrat and Reform Party Synopsis of Debate Whilst traditional Trade Associations continue to thrive and to play a pivotal role in the public affairs process, there is an increasing trend for issue-led coalitions to…read more →

Social Media for Public Affairs

One day ‘ECPA Skillset’ Training  Social Media for Public Affairs Practical course on best practice in public affairs social media, focused on EU institutional and other stakeholder communication

New Media, New Challenges: Access, Confidentiality and Transparency in Public Affairs

The ECPA Masterclass Series New Media, New Challenges: Access, Confidentiality and Transparency in Public Affairs Synopsis of themes The European Parliament, in common with other EU Institutions, is active across the range of new media communications vehicles, and has embraced social media as one of these tools.  Currently active on web and mobile based formats, it is a live participant…read more →

Introduction to the EU Institutions

The ECPA Skillset Training : 09:30 – 17:00 hrs Introduction to the EU Institutions: practical and case study based course on best practice in public affairs: communicating with the Commission, Parliament and Council, strategic approaches and building coalitions.